RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Capital One is delaying their return to office plans and will now require on-site employees to get vaccinated.

In a message to employees, CEO Rich Fairbank said that all U.S. office-based roles in the company will now require full vaccination once offices reopen on November 2.

“Unfortunately, we have watched the Delta variant tear a hole through the steady course of improvement in COVID-19 outcomes that we had been experiencing,” Fairbank said.

In June, Fairbank notified employees that Capital One offices would be reopening on September 7 with a hybrid model that focused on balancing work-from-home flexibility and in-person connection. That reopening date has now been moved back.

Capital One will require that associates coming to the office be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated associates should continue working from home, the company said. This policy will apply to the initial reopening period, which will now extend through at least the first quarter of 2022.

Fairbank said that the choice to work in the office during the initial reopening period is strongly encouraged for vaccinated associates but is not mandatory for anyone.

Associates reporting to the offices will be required to upload proof of vaccination. All contractors, vendors and visitors must also be vaccinated to be on-site.

“Because the future course of the pandemic is still uncertain, we have not yet decided on the exact duration of the initial reopening period or our long-term vaccination policy,” Fairbank wrote.