RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On Saturday, Dec. 17, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Richmond Colette McEachin officially endorsed State Senator Jennifer McClellan for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District, a seat that was left behind by McEachin’s late husband Congressman Donald McEachin.

While I would prefer to continue to privately mourn my beloved husband of 34 years, Donald McEachin, he would want me to speak out for the Fourth Congressional District that he worked for zealously from 2016 until his dying breath a few weeks ago.  I know that Donald would whole-heartedly support Senator Jennifer McClellan to be a forceful and principled successor to him.  

Statement from Colette McEachin

McClellan announced her bid for the 4th Congressional District seat on Tuesday, Dec. 13. She is currently serving in the Virginia State Senate for the 9th Congressional District.

Senator Tim Kaine also endorsed McClellan earlier this week.

Donald and I have known Jennifer for many years and she is conscientious, ethical, dedicated to her constituents and an advocate for the values of the Democratic Party.  I know that she will carry on my husband’s legacy of environmental justice, social justice, voting rights expansion, and criminal justice reform.  She is a trustworthy successor to Donald’s years of commitment to the Fourth District and his passionate support of its people.

Statement from Colette McEachin

In her statement, Colette McEachin additionally took aim at State Senator Joe Morrissey, who announced he was running for the 4th District seat the same day McClellan announced her intentions to run.

Over the course of our marriage, Donald and I followed and discussed the political careers of many individuals, including Senator McClellan and Senator Joe Morrissey.  In addition, I have had over 30 years of personal and professional interactions with Senator Morrissey since we both worked in the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.  I know him well.  The Fourth District deserves better.  The Fourth District deserves to be represented by someone of the highest moral character.  The Fourth District deserves to be represented by someone who will not embarrass its hard-working residents.  

Statement from Colette McEachin

The Associated Press previously described Morrissey as “a flamboyant attorney who overcame a litany of past scandals to win election to the state Senate in 2020.” Morrissey was previously convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after engaging in an intimate relationship with his then-17-year-old secretary — who would later become his wife — in 2014. Former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam pardoned Morrissey in January.

The Fourth District deserves to be represented by the best, and that is Senator Jennifer McClellan. I encourage you to vote your conscience.  I endorse Senator McClellan and she has my vote.

Statement from Colette McEachin

Earlier this week, Governor Glenn Youngkin set a special election for Feb. 21, 2023 to fill the 4th Congressional District seat.

The Democratic party’s 4th Congressional District Committee will hold a one-day primary on Tuesday, Dec. 20 for Democratic voters to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice for the seat. Virginia’s Republican Party’s 4th Congressional District Committee will have a party canvass on Saturday, Dec. 17 to select the GOP candidate.

Rep. Donald McEachin died on Nov. 28 following a battle with colorectal cancer. He was 61 years old.