BIG STONE GAP, Va. (WRIC) — A Washington man has been charged in the death of a fellow prisoner at Virginia’s notorious Wallens Ridge State Prison, a supermax facility at the state’s western edge.

Justin William Crenshaw, 34, was indicted in the slaying of Gregory Pierce, 47, in November 2021. Crenshaw was charged with aggravated murder and strangulation.

Crenshaw is currently serving a life sentence for the double murder of a man and woman in Spokane, Washington in 2008.

According to court documents, Crenshaw stabbed one man numerous times, then lodged a broadsword through his abdomen, pinning him to the floor of the home. His other victim, a senior at a local high school, had been stabbed as well and nearly decapitated with a samurai sword.

Crenshaw then attempted to cover up his crime by burning down the victim’s home, disposing of the knife by throwing it in a nearby roadway and stealing the victim’s car, all of which were smeared with his blood and the blood of his victims, according to documents.

In his defense, Crenshaw argued that he suffered from a rare disorder that triggered dangerous rage and other mental health effects when he drank alcohol. Crenshaw also said he had diminished capacity when he committed the crimes.

That defense was rejected, and the jury convicted him.