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Cumberland County locals share concerns with proposed landfill

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- Locals are raising a stink over plans to build a landfill in Cumberland County. 

Residents believe the facility will ruin the county's rural lifestyle. 

"The landfill would go in right behind me near the Cumberland Powhatan border," said Hubbard Sprouse. 

Sprouse lives near the potential site for the landfill and he spoke to 8News about its possible impact.

"You ask anybody, you want a landfill next door to you? What would be their response?" Sprouse asked 8News. "Heck no and probably put a little cuss word in there."

After living the past 18 years in rural Cumberland County, Sprouse is fired up over the plans to plant a landfill near his home. 

"This is so disgusting and it's affecting not just my life but everyone's life," Sprouse told 8News. 

David Clark, another local, shares Sprouse's sentiment.

"The property values are going to go to crap. Once that comes in, what will I be able to get for this place? I've got 60 acres here. It'll be about worth nothing," Clark said.

The proposed 11-hundred acre site would sit in the far eastern part of the county and less than a mile from the Powhatan border. 

The facility is expected to be open 24 hours a day most of the week, according to an informational website for the project.

The facility will also accept garbage from as far as 500 miles away., but will not take in anything toxic or hazardous. 

Nicholai Jerome, who hasn't even finished building his new home, is now fighting this potential new neighbor.

"It really just looks like people are looking for a place where they can go out and stick a bunch of trash and hopefully there aren't enough people in the area to have a problem with it," Jerome told 8News. 

Opponents plan to fight the proposal at a planning commission meeting on Thursday. 

The county would still need to approve the project.

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