LOUISA COUNTY, Va (WRIC) — Supporters of the family of Jacob Whaley gathered in front of the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Saturday to protest their handling of his case.

Jacob Whaley was a man from Louisa County who got stranded in Monday’s winter storm while driving home. His truck went into a ditch and he told his family he would walk the rest of the six miles home. Whaley’s family lost contact from him shortly after. According to the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, his phone died.

Immediately after losing contact, friends and family began searching for days. His body was found in a heavily wooded area near Greenes Corner Road on Thursday.

Whaley’s family is upset with the police departments involved with the search, saying their response was delayed despite their pleas.

“They pointed fingers about whose job it was,” said Angela Whaley, Jacob’s sister.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office said deputies immediately searched the area from which Whaley was last heard, and referred to the circumstances as a “perfect storm” because of the unusually high number of emergency calls and welfare checks that night due to the snow storm.