CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — This week, a federal grand jury in Charlottesville indicted a former attorney and Army Officer on multiple counts related to deleting government materials, lying to the FBI and cyberstalking and threatening two former romantic partners.

According to a release from the United States Attorney’s Office, Manfredo Madrigal, 36, a former resident of Charlottesville, previously served multiple overseas tours as an active duty Army Officer. In early 2022, he was assigned to the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School (JAG School) as an attorney.

In late February, Madrigal was discharged from the Army and JAG School for failing to report a previous DUI charge. According to court documents, while this discharge was pending, Madrigal deleted online JAG training materials without authorization and filmed himself doing so.

The same night he deleted these materials, Madrigal contacted a former romantic partner — referred to in court documents as Victim 1 — and told her that Russia reached out to him. Cell phone records show that Madrigal did in fact contact the Russian embassy. Later, in his out-processing paperwork from the JAG School, Madrigal lied and said he had no unreported contact with a foreign national.

In April and May, the FBI interviewed Madrigal about the deleted training materials. During these interviews, Madrigal said he learned about the deletion from a coworker and said he was not involved.

During the investigation, the FBI also discovered that Madrigal had been threatening Victim 1, both in-person and through text messages, between 2021 and 2022. Madrigal sent her threatening messages, often alongside compromising and sexually explicit photos of herself. Victim 1 also said Madrigal went to her home and threatened her with a gun, and she stated that she was “terrified” of him.

Later, the FBI discovered that Madrigal pressured another former romantic partner — referred to as Victim 2 — to provide false information to the FBI. Victim 2 admitted that Madrigal coached her prior to her FBI interview and the two of them discussed deleting incriminating text messages from Madrigal’s cellphone. 

On Aug. 9, Madrigal and Victim 2 got into a fight in Arkansas and Madrigal pointed a pistol at her head. Madrigal was arrested by local authorities before being transferred to Virginia to face federal charges.

Madrigal was indicted by a grand jury in Charlottesville on four counts of lying to multiple federal agencies, one count of witness tampering, one count of attempted witness tampering, one count of cyberstalking and one count of deletion of Army materials.