RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Governor Glenn Youngkin spoke at a local Jewish synagogue on Monday, Oct. 16. He joined Jewish community leaders in pledging support for Israel and praying for loved ones who have been affected by the conflict.

“There can be no peace where there is hate. There can be no prosperity where there is carnage,” Youngkin said. “And there can only be life where there is love.”

While visiting the Keneseth Beth Israel in Richmond Monday, Youngkin said the Hamas attack on Israel was “the greatest loss of life of Jewish people since the Holocaust.”

Youngkin also called for the need for strength, supporting the recent U.S. Military movement toward the Middle East.

“As the governor of Virginia, I was extraordinarily proud to see the USS Gerald Ford and the Eisenhower leave port this week,” Youngkin said. “Carrying Americans, carrying Virginians to go stand with our Israeli brothers and sisters… May I pray the almighty blesses Israel, he blesses the Jewish people, he strengthens them.”