NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — If you ever hoped to sail the high seas in 17th-century style, a recent Facebook listing may have just the thing for you.

In an Aug. 16 post, Dan Corder, a retired fireman from Northumberland County, put up his ‘pirate ship house boat’ for sale, asking a modest $49,000 for the treasure.

This isn’t the first time Corder has waded into the pirate ship business. In 2019, he sat down with WAVY news in Norfolk to talk about what was then his 24th transformed boat.

His most recent creation didn’t start out as the impressive themed cruiser now floating in the Potomac River.

“It was left for dead at one of our local marinas,” Corder said. The boat had previously been owned by an elderly couple who intended to live on it, but one of them tragically passed away and the boat sat untouched in its slip.

The marina owner eventually contacted Corder because, he says, he’s become known for transforming derelict ships into buccaneering masterpieces.

“It’s probably the coolest one I’ve done yet,” he said. “But certainly not the last.”

The boat boasts 2 beds and 1 1/2 baths, as well as an outboard motor, which Corder installed to replace the existing inboard engine.

An older ship completed by Corder in 2019. (Photo: WAVY)

Anyone interested in buying the boat may have to act fast because Corder has received calls from as far away as Florida, California and Australia. However, the cost of transporting the ship across long distances can be prohibitive, so the most promising buyer right now is a resident of Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

As for what to do with it, buyers may be tempted to take to a life of piracy, but Corder has a better idea: “I think the best use for this would be as a floating Airbnb.”