HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Many Virginians are asking how they can help, as Floridians woke up to widespread destruction and flooding from Hurricane Ian Thursday morning.

There are several ways Virginians can get involved to volunteer their time, money and blood to those affected communities.

According to the Virginia Red Cross, blood donations are a high-priority need right now, and the organization is encouraging Virginians to donate now. The Virginia Red Cross has already sent hundreds of Type-O blood products down to Florida.

In times of disaster like this, impacted areas may not be able to host blood drives for days or weeks, having to cancel countless drives and donations that hospitals rely on.

While the American Red Cross doesn’t typically serve Florida hospitals, volunteers are standing by to give more blood products as needed.

According to the American Red Cross, 300 of its volunteers have also made their way to Florida. Six of them are Virginians.

Tens of thousands of relief supplies are already in position. A Virginia Red Cross spokesperson said volunteers will be driving down all of the emergency response vehicles in the state.

Volunteer Deborah Watson said she is flying to Florida to help those impacted by the destruction this weekend.

“To be able to be the one person, and in this case, it might be the staff, but when it’s the other cases, to be the first person that looks at somebody and says, somebody is here for you and you’re not going to be alone,” she said.

To donate your time, money or blood to the Virginia Red Cross to help Floridians, click here.