BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Toga Volunteer Fire Department wants people to be on alert because of heavy buggy traffic through Thursday evening.

Authorities say Amish families from as far as Pennsylvania and New York will be traveling to Cumberland County to attend a funeral after the deadly buggy crash that killed two parents and injured eight children along Route 45 on Sunday, Oct. 17.

According to a Facebook post from Toga Volunteer Fire Department, they are expecting more than 400 participants for the funeral. Officials say that the heaviest traffic will be between Salem Church Road and John Randolph Road close told Mitchell’s store.

Fire officials stated on their post that drivers should be on alert for Amish horse and buggies from Tuesday, Oct. 19 through at least Thursday, Oct. 21. They also shared these guidelines:

  • Don’t pass until it is safe and make sure there is a clear view around them.
  • Use passing zones.
  • Don’t hog or tailgate, rev your engine or blow your horns when passing.

These buggies will have bright LED lights and a reflective triangle on the back.