AMELIA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A 16-year-old boy accidentally shot himself Saturday night in the 4000 block of Richmond Road, according to the Amelia County Sheriff’s Department. The mother of the boy, Jennifer Wallace, said she is in shock over this whole incident, and can’t believe that her son, who was her best friend, isn’t with her anymore.

Wallace said she opened her front door to a police officer Saturday night, who made her aware that the tragedy had occurred.

“He asked my name. He asked my son’s name. Next, he said ‘There was an accident and your son’s gone,'” Wallace said. “I literally fell to the ground screaming and my whole apartment complex heard me.”

The Amelia County Sheriff’s Department received the call that someone had been accidentally shot in the 4000 block of Richmond Road just before 10 p.m. Upon arrival, deputies found the 16-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

“I’m shocked. Everyone’s like oh you’re so calm. I’m not, he was my best friend,” Wallace said.

First responders attempted to give the boy medical treatment, but he died at the scene. Wallace hasn’t seen her son since his death but said she refuses to believe it was self-inflicted.

“I don’t believe it was self-inflicted. I know my son. “I’m not going to see him graduate. I’m not going to have grandchildren. He was supposed to go to prom this year. It was his junior year of high school,” Wallace said.

Wallace said the funeral for her son will be held Saturday, July 9.