RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Today is not a good day to burn any yard waste, as an increased risk for fire danger has been issued for Central Virginia.

The change in condition has increased the risk of fire, as our sunny skies combined with low humidity and a strong 10 to 15 mph wind from the north are the perfect ingredients to allow wildfires to develop or spread.

Additionally, the recently downed leaves and fallen sticks and branches which are dead and dry will add more fuel to any wildfire or brush fire.

According to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, there is significant potential for fire across the state.

(Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management)

The increase in risk comes as wildfires continue to be an issue across the Commonwealth in areas like Madison County.

Heading into this evening and tonight, the wind will diminish and the humidity will climb as the temperatures drop so the fire danger risk will decrease.

Tomorrow will be a slightly better day if you are looking to burn some of that yard debris. However, if you can, it would be best to hold off until Friday when the humidity will be certainly higher and any embers that escape your burning will be less likely to cause brush fires.