RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia ABC plans to start randomly sharing which stores will have items in limited supply to give customers a better chance at buying high-demand products.

The new program comes after concerns over supply chain issues and liquor shortages in Virginia. According to Virginia ABC, available inventories for several products remain “insufficient to meet public demand.”

“The timing and store locations will be random to discourage individuals from lining up outside stores for extended periods or seeking information that gives them an unfair advantage, enabling them to purchase these items ahead of other customers,” the state agency wrote on its website.

To be notified when certain stores will have the limited products available, people can either monitor Spirited Virginia’s Facebook or Instagram accounts or its e-newsletter. These will be the only ways for people to get a heads-up.

Customers won’t be able to find the store’s inventory for these products online but employees could share information over the phone. There will be a one bottle per customer limit for in-store purchases of the limited availability products.

You can find the products that remain in limited supply here.