RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Hurricane Ian is expected to hit some areas of Central Virginia by late Friday, Sept. 30, until Sunday. The Richmond area could expect to see two to five inches of rainfall but is not expecting any damaging winds.

“Once the storm makes landfall, it loses its connection with the warm waters of the Gulf, and it starts to fall apart quickly,” said 8News Meteorologist Matt Dinardo. “Usually in about 12 hours, we go from whatever level hurricane down to a tropical storm, a tropical depression, then it’s a rainmaker. So I think it will be just that by the time it gets here, a big-time rainmaker.” 

Any low-lying areas, like under an overpass, could flood quickly and anywhere near a stream or river due to rising water levels.

“Make sure you know those areas in your community that typically flood. Then, make sure that you avoid those areas, especially if roads are involved,” said Deputy Director of Communications for VDEM, Jason Elmore.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management works with local governments to put out timely information about a storm so that residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia are prepared if something occurs, whether it’s flooding or high winds.

“We will be looking 72 to 48 hours out to talk with the Governor’s office to see if a State of Emergency is recommended,” Elmore said.

The Virginia Red Cross and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management have been preparing all year for the Hurricane season and will provide resources during the storm.

The Virginia Red Cross will be handing out Emergency preparedness kits.

The kits can include anything from extra medications, water bottles, or records of medical information.

“Personalize your emergency preparedness kit to your family,” said Jonathan McNamara, Communications Director of The Virginia Red Cross. “If you have small children. If you have pets, people with medical conditions who may need special equipment. Include that in your emergency preparedness kit. Every family is different. Every emergency preparedness kit is different. 

For more information about The Red Cross, click here.

More information will be posted to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management throughout the week here.