ORANGE, Va. (WRIC) — The Montpelier Foundation, which oversees the plantation home of founding father James Madison, has extended an invitation for singer Lizzo to visit the presidential estate after she made headlines by playing the president’s 200-year-old crystal flute.

“How amazing would it be if the superstar brought her music to Montpelier, Madison’s historic home in Virginia?” the foundation wrote in a blog post.

Lizzo played the flute at a concert in Washington, DC in September, working with the Library of Congress and DC Capitol Police to safely bring the crystal flute to the stage.

But according to the Montpelier Foundation, it’s not the first time the flute has come out of storage.

“In 1998 the flute was played at Montpelier by artists Rob Turner and Frank Wallace who then released a CD of the recordings,” the foundation wrote in a Facebook post.

That album, “Mr. Madison’s Crystal Flute,” is still available for sale online. And there’s one thing Turner, Wallace, and Lizzo have done that Madison may never have — actually played the flute.

The Montpelier foundation writes that the flute was gifted to Madison by french instrument-maker Claude Laurent in 1813 to celebrate his second inauguration. But there’s some evidence that Madison took little notice of the gift.

In a letter dated two years later, Laurent asks of Madison (in his native French), “Please allow me to express to you the desire that I would learn if it has reached you and if this feeble homage of my industry has pleased you?”

Lizzo has not responded to Montpelier’s invitation.