SANDSTON, Va. (WRIC) — Hugs and kisses filled Richmond International Airport on Thursday as 45 National Guardsmen reunited with their families.

On the afternoon of Nov. 17, relatives arrived at the airport to greet their loved ones — family members they haven’t seen since March, when National Guard troops traveled to Kosovo to provide security to its residents.

Carol Moses hasn’t seen her son since then. Eight months is one of the longest times she has gone without seeing him.

“He’s been gone many times, but I prefer to have him home,” Moses told 8News.

The Brown family is excited their father Anthony is home. This was the longest he’d been away from his wife and kids.

“I’m glad we’re back. I really am. It’s been entirely too long without them. I’m fortunate to be back,” Anthony said.

Just like many of the troops and their families, the Browns plan to celebrate Anthony’s return.

“We’re definitely going out to dinner and just getting back into a normal routine really,” Anthony said.

In the past year, seven different groups of National Guardsmen returned home from different locations after being deployed for task force work all around the world.

For many of those returning home on Thursday, this won’t be their last deployment.

The troops will be home for a couple of years before their next assignment. Where they will go is still unknown.