RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings ripped through central Virginia late this evening. Damages seen in the area included flooding, hail, downed trees and power loss. One 8News viewer even sent in a video of extreme lightning crackling through the sky.

Here’s a compilation of photos and videos of views from around the commonwealth Thursday evening.

A tree branch fell with such velocity Thursday, that it punctured the roof of a home. The 8News viewer, Cory Sharpe said the branch went all the way through the ceiling inside of the home.

Cory Sharpe, an 8News viewer in Mineral, said that some of the hail that was falling in his backyard was “the size of baseballs,” and continued on saying, “our vehicles are going to be destroyed.” The huge chunks of hail can be heard thunking down as they make their landing, some, ricocheting back up as they hit the earth.

Lightning was captured cracking across the evening sky in the Richmond, Fort Hill neighborhood.

In Zions Crossroads, Ben Arrington captured what appeared to be a series of clouds rotating vertically in a type of tunnel formation.

Meredith Gill was riding shotgun in a car traveling north on 522 in Goochland County when she saw this dark vertically gathered cloud mass out of her window.

Julie Parker sent in photos painting a picture of devastation in Goochland County. Massive trees were shown uprooted along Whitehall Road.

Eli Jones was safely indoors when he captured this extreme show of lightning crackling across the sky in Henrico County near the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

Over in Midlothian, our very own 8News Meteorologist, Emily Kaye, captured lightning crackling across a dark and cloudy night sky.

Current number of customers that have reported power outages in central Virginia as of 8:35 p.m.

  • Louisa County – 8 customers
  • Goochland County – 2,791 customers
  • Spotsylvania County – 0 customers
  • Hanover County – 1 customer
  • Powhatan County – 265 customers
  • Amelia County – 0 customers
  • Petersburg – 6 customers
  • City of Richmond – 1 customer
  • Henrico County – 92 customers
  • Chesterfield County – 0 customers
  • Fluvanna County – 216 customers

Check back with 8News for updates as we receive more storm tracker photos and videos. If you have photos or videos to send, email us at