RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — While hunting seasons in Virginia don’t kick off until later in the fall, there are still things you can do now to prepare for a safe season.

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Regulation creates requirements for Virginia hunters and offers advice and guidance for how to hunt responsibly. Here are just a few things they suggest:

  • Remember that hunting is allowed in the commonwealth only during specific hours and days during hunting seasons, and different types of game have different seasons and regulations. Review the allowed days before making hunting plans.
  • Make sure all your hunting gear is inspected before you go out, and take inventory of your supplies. Buy extra supplies ahead of time and make sure it is somewhere you can easily find.
  • A blog post from the department’s website offers a hunting packing list that will keep you prepared for any event. Pack extra layers, a rain poncho, and a head lamp to prepare for cold, rain and late nights alike. A first aid kit and proper cleaning supplies are also suggested.
  • Blaze colors may also be required when hunting with firearms or during specific seasons. Make sure to check out your personal the blaze requirements and dress accordingly.
  • If you are planning on taking your dog hunting, or using live animals to train your dog, make sure you are doing so on regulated days and in allowed locations, and you have the proper license to do so.
  • Always check where you’re hunting, and make sure you have permission from the property owner before hunting on private property.
  • If you want to use ATVs, read up first. ATVs are not allowed on public highways or property, and riders must wear protective helmets approved by the Superintendent of State Police.
  • Deer hunters in particular should be aware of the specific seasons and regulations for deer hunting in their counties. A complete list of deer hunting dates and rules is available on the Virginia Department of Wildlife Regulation website.

For more hunting requirements and suggestions, consult the Virginia Department of Wildlife Regulation’s website.