RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Minutes before a scheduled interview with 8News, Sen. Joe Morrissey, whose personal life is making headlines again, reversed course and backed out of the meeting.

The interview was scheduled for Monday afternoon in the lawmaker’s office; however, 8News reporter Autumn Childress was told “as of right now, he has no comment.”

This comes amid a rift between Morrissey (D-Chesterfield) and his wife, Myrna Morrissey, as they both lay serious allegations against one another in a series of public statements.

In an extensive Instagram post, Myrna Morrissey alleges her husband has a history of infidelity, manipulation, and parental absence. She wrote that she’s remained quiet for years, but claims Morrissey has solicited nude photos from women, forced her to attend campaign events shortly after giving birth, and gave her an STD.

In 2017, Myrna Morrissey says another woman — whose step-father Joe Morrissey was representing at the time — attempted to extort her husband for $52,000 after he solicited photos from her.

After these reports surfaced, Joe Morrissey fired back with his own allegations, claiming that his children told him they had been abused by their mother’s boyfriend. The couple is finalizing a divorce.

Morrissey said his 4-year-old son Maverick had welts on his body, and that his children said “Mommy’s boyfriend lined us up against the wall for being disrespectful and maverick was beaten with a belt 6 times.”

8News reached out to the Chesterfield County Police Department late Friday night to verify Joe Morrissey’s claims. The department responded, saying it had received “a report of alleged abuse regarding a child who may possibly have been assaulted by an offender known to him.” The department added that the report has been assigned to a Special Victims Unit detective.

On Monday, Myrna and her family sat near the senator’s office awaiting his statements to the media, however, after he declined, they also declined to comment.

“We just don’t have anything else to say until the appropriate time,” Myrna said.

Sources told 8News that the senator is expected in court on Tuesday.

This is a developing story, stay with 8News for updates.