RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Office of the State Inspector General of Virginia said in its June audit report that the state will not have enough snow removal contractors to clean up snow this winter.

The Office said the audit outlines that there aren’t enough contractors to maintain snow removal plans in five out of six area headquarters (AHQs) that the audit reviewed: Chancellor neighborhood in Fredericksburg, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Hanging Rock and Southwest Virginia.

The State Inspector General’s Office said that without the right number of contractors designated to clean up snow throughout the state this winter, “major snowstorms have the potential to be crippling unless assistance from other parts of the state can fill the gaps.”

If a major snowstorm were to happen, the state would have to pay expensive rates for the proper equipment and possibly accept equipment that hasn’t been properly inspected or insured, according to the Office.

The Office said in a statement they recommend deploying state employees from other agencies with the proper training and licensing to help with snow removal and with training other employees to help as well.