VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Strong winds blew a steeple off a church in Virginia Beach Friday evening.

According to police dispatch, the steeple fell off atop the Galilee Episcopal Church on 41st Street and Pacific Avenue in Virginia Beach on Friday night, Sept. 30 due to the high winds.

After falling, the steeple was wedged between the church and the Holly Hill Apartment complex next door.

A neighbor whose apartment window is inches from the damage told reporters she heard a loud noise.

When she looked outside, she was shocked to see the steeple next to her window.

Winds were gusting to 45-55 mph across Hampton Roads throughout the day on Friday. A few trees had fallen in spots and there had been scattered power outages.

Just down the street from the church, a skywalk on Atlantic Avenue was damaged during the storm.

Stephen Caplen lives in the nearby Ocean Condominiums. He said he heard the weather moving in on Friday.

“We heard the wind,” he said. “I think it was significant wind at that particular time.”

He said a gust of wind came around the time the skywalk was damaged.

“I was surprised that the whole thing was open,” Caplen said.

Crews were seen patching up the damaged skywalk Saturday afternoon.