8News has confirmed the testing of backlogged Richmond rape kits or PERK kits as they are also called, has now led to 22 DNA matches.

The DNA matches bring new hope to victims that their rapist maybe caught and brought to justice.

Those 22 hits are out of 46 rape kits that have been tested and entered into the national DNA databank.

There’s still more work to do. Totally, Richmond police sent 195 rape kits on for testing.

With the DNA matches, Richmond police tell us at this point, no additional charges have been filed but that’s not to say it won’t happen in the future.

They’re in the process now of reviewing each case.  RPD has already told 8News it’s leading to new evidence.

In March Lt. Jason Hudson with Richmond Police spoke with 8News,  

“In one particular instance,  we have someone who was only known by a nickname but we believe we got the individuals full name now.”

Our 8News investigations prompted a state count in 2014. 

Law enforcement around the Commonwealth uncovered nearly 3,000 untested rape kits.

The State’s Attorney General Mark Herring has secured funding to make sure every kit gets tested.

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