PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — One dog owner in Woodbridge is celebrating after the news of the closing of the Envigo medical dog breeding facility in Cumberland County broke Monday night.

“Tonight, we celebrate,” Andrew Millin, the owner of a former Envigo dog, said Monday night on Twitter.

Millin attached a photo of Daisy, a beagle he adopted on Easter of this year, showing her snuggled in blankets, happy and healthy in her ‘furever’ home.

Millin said Homeward Trails got a group of 12 or so former beagles destined for medical testing together the week before Easter, and Millin went to pick up his new best friend on Easter day.

“I know that the Richmond SPCA and a shelter in Arlington had been working to find places to send the beagles they rescued, Millin said. “I tried to get one of the beagles they brought to the General Assembly during session but got beat out, so I got connected with PETA who got me in touch with Sue Bell of Homeward Trails.”

The breeding facility has been marred by federal complaints and animal welfare violations cited by the USDA and exposed in years of 8News investigative reporting as well as an undercover operation by PETA.

The news of the closing came after a federal judge slapped a temporary restraining order on Envigo in late May after inspections found dogs malnourished, sick, injured and kept in excessive heat.