RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — As we head closer to summer, we dive deeper into “Kitten Season.”

Tabitha Treloar with the Richmond SPCA said “Kitten Season” is problem animal shelters and care centers face annually. Cats typically reproduce with strong seasonal patterns — resulting in an influx of kittens roaming the streets every spring and summer. However, as the number of homeless kittens increases, the number of available foster parents traditionally remains steady.

“Without a foster these guys don’t stand a chance.” Treloar said.

The Richmond SPCA placed 90 kittens in foster homes just in the month of May. Of these kittens, 20 were neonatal kittens, meaning they require constant, around-the-clock care.

Robin Young with Richmond Animal Care and Control notes the problem as well. She said any help, especially during “Kitten Season” is appreciated.

“Spay and neuter all your pets — help control that pet population,” Young said. “Foster… if you can’t foster… volunteer… if you can’t volunteer… donate… if you cant donate… just help spread the word.”

To help the Richmond Animal Care and Control Center and the Richmond SPCA, visit and