RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — This week, the U.S. Navy announced it will provide off-ship housing for sailors living aboard the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, according a report by 13News Now.

The report said the move comes after seven deaths among those assigned to the ship, which is currently docked in Norfolk for a lengthy overhaul, in the last year. Four of the deaths were apparent suicides.

There have also been reports of poor working and living conditions aboard the ship.

The parents of one young sailor who was found unresponsive last month spoke to 13News Now over video. “This can’t happen to any other sailors,” the parent said tearfully. “It’s not fair, when these boys and girls sign up to enlist to serve their country. It’s not fair.”

Out of the 400 sailors currently living on the George Washington, 260 will be given accommodations, according to 13News Now. About 50 sailors will be given off-ship housing each week after that, though a small number are required to stay onboard.

This article was written with reporting by ABC 13News Now.