FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — The Virginia Department of Transportation said they have crews working 24 hours a day to respond to Monday’s snow storm and prepare for another round of snow on Thursday. In Fredericksburg, where hundreds of cars were stranded on I-95, efforts are underway to keep ice and snow from coating the roads again.

VDOT workers are continue to retreat I-95 and primary roads at risk of refreezing. They are also planning to pre-treat Interstate 95 with a salt brine starting on Thursday morning.

After delays on I-95 spanned through two days of freezing winter storm weather, VDOT stated during a press conference that roads had not been pre-treated to prevent ice from sticking because rain fell ahead of the snow. They said the salt treatment would have been washed away.

Once I-95 is salted, VDOT plans to pre-treat primary roads.

According to the department of transportation, several dozen secondary roads in the Fredericksburg area are still closed for downed trees or utility lines. Tree contractors have been brought in to work on removing the storm debris from roads.

Virginians are still encouraged by VDOT to avoid driving during winter weather.