HENRICO, Va (WRIC) — Weeks after a local woman discovered she inadvertently had access to the social security numbers for people across the country–visible via her online profile with the Virginia Employment Commission–the agency still has not provided an explanation for the potentially damaging flub.

Sierra Williams found the 90-page document dump while checking the status of her unemployment claim with the VEC.

“I wondered who else might have this information,” Williams told 8News exclusively after the find.

Three weeks after the revelation was published by 8News, the VEC has yet to share how or why the agency forwarded the document to Williams.

The documents were included in a PDF file that was originally faxed to the VEC by Thomas & Company in Marc;, a Nashville-based employment verification group.

The fax included the names of 16 people from several states, including information on where they previously worked and full or partial listings of their social security numbers.

Alex Fardon, a lawyer speaking on behalf of Thomas & Company, said the group would “take whatever action is needed” to make sure it doesn’t happen again and is working with the VEC to investigate “in what appears to be a one-time event.”

It is unknown if any similar instances have occurred.

After 8News’ initial story aired on April 7, VEC Spokesperson Joyce Fogg declined to share specifics. She said the documents were no longer visible and their “system has also been updated.” Fogg did not detail what system she referred to, and what had been updated.

Given the almost complete radio silence from the VEC as to how the confidential information of people was put in jeopardy, 8News visited the agency’s West Broad Street headquarters Wednesday and Thursday.

On both days, a security guard in the building lobby told 8News reporter Ben Dennis and photojournalist Brad Vassar to leave the building without an explanation.

“This is the Virginia Employment Commission, it’s a state agency, what do you mean we’re not supposed to be in here?…” “…We’re just looking for some answers from the [VEC] commissioner, ma’am, is she here?” Dennis asked the security guard Thursday.

“Please go out the door,” the security guard responded, before walking out of view from the lobby.

8News waited outside for over 35 minutes, no one came out, no one called, including Fogg, who did not pick up two direct phone calls.

“You have reached Joyce Fogg, communications manager at the Virginia Employment Commission,” the voicemail said. “The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time,” an automated message continued before the call disconnected.

8News has made multiple requests to interview VEC Commissioner Carrie Roth. Twice, Fogg declined and said Roth was not available.

The third request fell on deaf ears.