CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — The Virginia Cavaliers women’s basketball team opened up fall practice Wednesday in Charlottesville. It is year two of the Coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton era.
In her first year, the team finished 15-15, a few injuries and a lack of depth prevented the Cavaliers from having an even stronger debut season. Now with practice starting, the expectations are big for UVA to go the next level and restore the glory of Virginia women’s basketball.

“We were in every game. We couldn’t couldn’t close out some of those games. There is a lot to be proud of I guess involving the turn around. But there is a lot to be more hungry and i think that is what we talk about because we know we are in a lot of those games and we could have won some of those games but we didn’t but for now we are playing with a chip on our shoulder and in practice and competing and the refuse to lose mentality,” said Virginia head coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton.

In the pre Coach Mox times for Virginia women’s hoops, the times were lean. You enter Coach Mox and there is a renewed since of excitement for the Cavaliers women.

“It feels way more comfortable this year. I think last year we are all just trying to figure it out and being a cat saying I just feel like I’m able to help other people like the freshman and so the pieces are come together a lot better and it’s not all brand new so it’s it’s going to,” said Virginia graduate forward London Clarkson.

“I mean, things have been just like buzzing a lot especially like if I’m going to the store if I’m going to Panera. For your games and things like that and even at football games, I get stopped all the time does as I am from how we know where we came from it,” said Virginia graduate forward Camryn Taylor.

Obviously, you look at Virginia women’s basketball a lot a tradition, a lot of history a lot of great players have come through this program, and these players recognize the tradition, and they see it as an opportunity to extend the legacy of Virginia women’s basketball.

“Some of those kids grew up here no this is a story program. They say they were here for some history or their parents were and they see the banners in the gym. They know some of the notable also I think once you get those Virginia kids and you have a sense of pride. Because of you know our coaching staff, or you know some of these hometown kids are coming here because it’s Virginia. You know along with they love the culture they love us you know the team and all that but there’s something he said about playing for Virginia when you’re from the state,” said Coach Mox.