RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — According to AAA, gas prices across Virginia have dropped significantly in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, easing the burden on holiday travelers’ wallets.

Over the past week alone, the average price of a gallon of gas has dropped seven cents in Virginia, with the biggest drop coming for the Tidewater region, which saw a total drop of 12 cents.

Average gas prices have dropped in the past week across Virginia and the U.S. (Source: AAA)

“The national average has fallen sharply since the June peak of nearly $5.02,” said Morgan Dean, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson. “But this Thanksgiving will be about 20 cents higher than a year ago, and a dollar more per gallon than a pre-pandemic 2019.”

Prices in the commonwealth are far below the June peak of $4.81, though a bump in mid-October has kept prices well above $3.00. Still, a multi-week slide has eased some of the burdens on travelers ahead of Thanksgiving.

Gas prices are far below this year’s June peak — but still above pre-Russian invasion levels. (Source: GasBuddy)

According to AAA, part of that decline was due to concerns that an economic recession could be on the horizon, which would decrease demand for gasoline.