RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — As the fight to elect a new House Speaker continues on Capitol Hill, some Virginia Representatives remain confident in their choices.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted Oct. 3, making for a historic first as the California Republican Representative was questioned in a bipartisan effort on his leadership abilities.

Over two weeks later, the House of Representatives is still divided, as Wednesday marks day 15 without a House Speaker and Republican members of Congress remain on opposite sides of the fence on who to choose.

Republican Congresswoman Jen Kiggans, who represents Virginia’s second congressional district, took to “X” Tuesday, stating in a video that she is in full support of extending the current authority of speaker pro tempore to Patrick McHenry.

“I support extending the authority of the Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry as we work to overcome the chaos of the minority of the majority, so that Congress can get back to work passing appropriations bills, condemning the terrorists’ actions of Hamas, providing support to Israel, among other work we need to get done,” Rep. Kiggans said.

Rep. Kiggans voted for former House Speaker McCarthy on both ballots Tuesday and Wednesday, expressing some reluctance in supporting Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio’s fourth congressional district.

“Although we share conservative values, Mr. Jordan’s funding plan has the potential to further cut the defense budget, which is also inadequate in my opinion,” she said.

Republican Rep. Bob Good, who represents Virginia’s fifth congressional district, voted for Rep. Jordan on both ballots, stating on “X” Wednesday morning in part, “I will be voting for grassroots Republicans who entrusted us with the majority a year ago.”

Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia’s seventh district also took to “X” to list what she believes are priorities for Congress — some of which include avoiding a government shutdown and supporting Israeli and Ukrainian allies, among other undertakings.

“The House GOP majority needs to work with Democrats to get serious about governing,” Rep. Spanberger posted Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday’s ballot ended with another rejection for Rep. Jordan, with 200 republicans voting for the Ohio Congressman and 212 democrats voting for Rep. Hakeem Jefferies, the House Minority Leader representing the eighth district of New York. 20 republicans voted for neither.

Wednesday’s ballot saw increased division, with 199 republicans voting in favor of Rep. Jordan, 212 democrats for House Minority Leader Jefferies. 22 republicans voted for another candidate.

No additional votes have been scheduled for Wednesday and the next steps remain uncertain.