RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A delegate from Virginia Beach has proposed an amendment to the Virginia constitution that would place term limits on all members of the General Assembly.

The bill, filed by Delegate Timothy V. Anderson (R – Virginia Bach) as House Joint Resolution 458, would limit state senators to three terms, while delegates would be limited to six — a total of 12 years for both positions. But that would only apply to consecutive terms, so theoretically, a legislator could retire for one term and then return to stand for election again.

The current version of the amendment also limits all local officeholders — including city councilors, mayors, supervisors, treasurers and commonwealth’s attorneys — to three terms. Many localities already impose term limits on their elected officials, such as Richmond, which limits its mayor to two terms.

In order to make it into the state constitution, the bill would first have to pass both houses of the General Assembly. Then, instead of going to the governor’s desk, it would go straight onto the ballot for the following year’s election, where voters would have final say.