PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WRIC) — A Portsmouth man has been sentenced to life in prison for attempted sex trafficking of a minor after he was caught in a police sting.

Christafer Douglas Friend, 32, first contacted the man he believed to be trafficking his own underage daughter in March of this year, responding to a profile on an unnamed social media site. He quickly moved his conversation with the supposed father to a private messaging app — where he soon proposed to pay the man to allow him to have sex with his underage daughter.

Unbeknownst to Friend, the profile was set up by law enforcement, and when Friend arrived at the Chesapeake motel room and handed over the $200 he had promised, he was promptly arrested.

But, as Friend admitted to investigators, this was not the first time he had engaged in child sexual abuse. A search of his phone turned up an enormous amount of child sexual abuse material, some of it created by Friend himself.

Friend told investigators the identity of one child he recorded himself abusing, an 8-year-old boy whose mother was able to identify both her son and Friend in the recording. Metadata on the images revealed exactly when Friend had created the files — and the child’s mother confirmed that Friend was with the child on those dates.

In total, the prosecution wrote that the evidence proved that Friend was a “repeated and dangerous abuser of children” deserving of no less than 30 years in federal prison.

They also wrote that there was nothing in the defendant’s background — no history of abuse, no history of mental illness, no history of substance abuse — that explained his repeated heinous crimes.

In a letter to the court before his sentencing, Friend said that he had “hit rock bottom” and that he understood that he was wrong and “must be punished.”

In his sentencing position, the defense wrote that his story was “troubling and threatens to crowd out other aspects of his history,” but that they hoped the court would “[see] the bigger picture.”

The defense also recalled the sentencing of other child pornographers and sexual abusers, arguing that a sentence of 17 years and mandated sex offender treatment would help Friend.

The judge evidently rejected both of these arguments, imposing a sentence of life, beyond what even the prosecution had requested, and mandating supervised release should Friend ever make parole.