ARLINGTON, Va. (WRIC) — A Virginia man ran afoul of the Transportation Security Administration after he attempted to bring 23 weapons, including “martial arts throwing knives,” into Ronald Reagan International Airport.

According to the TSA, the man was stopped after agents noticed the weapons, stashed in his carry-on bag, on x-ray scanners. A search of the bag revealed an extensive arsenal, including:

  • Nine disposable scalpels
  • Eight folding locking-blade knives
  • Three martial arts throwing knives
  • One dagger
  • One switchblade 
  • One pair of brass knuckles

While the man was issued a citation, a TSA official said he could easily have avoided all the trouble — all he had to do was check the bag.

While knives and the various other weapons aren’t permitted in carry-on luggage, they are allowed in checked bags.

“When passengers have prohibited items among their carry-on items, it slows down the screening process,” said John Busch, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport. “Travelers play a role in the efficiency of checkpoint screening by knowing what should and should not be packed in a carry-on bag.”

Travelers are urged to use the “What can I bring?” tool before packing their bags, which allows passengers to search for which of their items will be allowed on the flight.