RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Recovery efforts are continuing in Mississippi following the massive tornado that tore through the state on March 24 that left at least 25 people dead. 

Red Cross volunteers are there helping those in need — and more are on the way. 

Pastor Corey Baker is one of them. He is the supervisor of spiritual care at the Virginia red cross, 

Baker is one of those volunteers traveling to the tornado-ravaged Mississippi Delta. He is the supervisor of spiritual care at the Virginia Red Cross. 

He said he has seen plenty of natural disasters during his time as a Red Cross volunteer and is ready to bring his services to the people of Rolling Fork. He will be ready to start the repair and recovery process.  

“The first thing I’m going to do is pray. I always pray,” Baker said. 

Baker has been with the Red Cross for more than 15 years and said he has seen everything — from floods and hurricanes to the vicious wind speeds of tornadoes. 

“Even though the disaster itself may be the same as far as tornadoes and hurricanes, it’s the people that changes the climate of the disaster,” Baker said. 

He said he can’t wait to show up for the people of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. About 2,000 residents live in the town and many have been displaced. 

“Sometimes, when you show up, that’s one of the biggest things you can do — just be visible. We’ll host some vigils; We will go to some service and support the families as the spiritual care part of Red Cross,” he said.

At least 25 people were killed, and dozens were injured late Friday following the storms that raged across the deep south — destroying lives and homes.  

Baker said being around so much loss of life isn’t something that’s easy to carry. 

“It’s not so easy to just go down and think it’s not going to affect you,” he said. “It will affect you. We’re human and when we see people in need it affects us.”   

The Red Cross said it will be on the ground in Mississippi for as long as the recovery process takes.  

Baker said the Red Cross is always in need of all types of volunteers.