RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — After a violent mob rampaged parts of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, Virginia’s law enforcement officers are now making their presence known, and lawmakers are calling President Trump to be ousted.

The morning after on Thursday: tall fencing propped-up around the Capitol, only after rioters stormed the building with Congress still inside to certify the electoral outcome that President Trump lost.

By Wednesday afternoon Governor Ralph Northam deployed the Virginia National Guard, and said he would send 200 state troopers to D.C. 

Thursday, police cruisers were seen around Capitol Grounds as security ramped-up in the after hours, and heading in to inauguration day. After declaring a state of emergency, Northam vowed Virginia would stay until at least January 20th.

Those within the halls of Congress that had been breached included Virginia Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner; both pointed the finger at Trump for inciting the riot.

“I’m still furious,” Kaine said. “Only in the burning of the Capitol in 1812 has the Capitol been successfully attacked, but that was by a foreign enemy. This was by a mob inspired by the president,” he added.

Now, both Kaine and Warner are calling for Trump to be removed from office.

On the call mounting from Democratic law makers that Trump should be ousted using the 25th Amendment, Warner said “I absolutely believe it should be on the table.”

“Could it create some division? Sure it could. But I think that’s less of a danger than the damage that he could continue to do,” Kaine said.

Virginia Democrats in the House followed suit, including representatives Donald McEachin and Abigail Spanberger.

Thursday evening there was no formal word from the Vice President or the President’s Cabinet if they support invoking the 25th Amendment.

Over 24 hours after the violence, President Trump tweeted a video of himself, calling the rioters “demonstrators” and said those who broke the law “will pay,” all the while admitting a new president would be in office Jan. 20.