(WRIC) — Governor Ralph Northam is loosening up alcohol restrictions to help businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the state’s approval, beginning midnight April 10, businesses with a license to sell alcoholic beverages can offer mixed drinks to-go or via delivery. Virginians can buy two drinks per meal with a maximum of four drinks per order. 8News spoke with businesses throughout Scott’s Addition and they say the move will help make up a huge portion of lost revenue.

“I wish they passed it sooner, but I’m really happy about it and I’m prepared,” said Beth Dixon, bar manager at Perch in Richmond. “It’s a whole new experience, a whole new business model. Obviously we have no guests to serve so we’re doing take out only.”

The move is not only beneficial to businesses but customers as well. 8News caught Ryan Marks picking up a take-out order Thursday. His reasoning: “They have some awesome food.”

More importantly, Marks told 8News it gives him a sense of normalcy.

“Some weird times going on right now,” he said.

Now that businesses can sell cocktails-to-go for takeout, Dixon says she’s been busy pouring, mixing and batching drinks.

“There’s a little more thought, a little more labor than slapping a bottle into a bag so people are willing to pay a little more for it which I appreciate, so thank you,” Marks said.

Northam also asked the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) to defer any annual fees, licenses, and liquor permits that would be up for renewal through June. He adds that this will impact 6,000 establishments throughout the state.