RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Creigh Deeds, a Virginia state senator, says he is thankful for his community after they helped him find his missing dog.

According to CBS19 NEWS, Deeds adopted Mila — a two-year-old rescue beagle — from the Richmond SPCA a few months ago. Mila had been one of the thousands of beagles that had been saved from the Envigo dog breeding facility.

Mila went missing last month when Deeds was visiting Dunlora for a campaign event. He said he and his wife were devastated.

Instead of continuing on the campaign trail, Deeds launched a search for Mila. After 13 days of searching, he received a call notifying him Mila had been found.

“When she was there it was just such a relief,” Deeds said. “I called Shiobhan and I just said ‘Shiobhan, guess who I have on my lap?’ and Shioban broke down.”

“I just screamed Mila and I started crying because it has been two weeks. I’m so grateful that she’s home,” Deeds’ wife said. “Creigh and I kid around that we haven’t even been on a vacation but I would just love to know what she did those two weeks, but we’ll never know.”