RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Some Virginians could get one-time tax rebate checks soon, Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s office said Friday.

Taxpayers with a tax liability – those who owed money last year – can get up to $200 if they file individually or up to $400 if they jointly file by Nov. 1.

“Tax rebates will start being sent out in batches in the coming days,” Youngkin spokeswoman Macaulay Porter wrote in a text to 8News.

The checks, approved in the state’s budget deal, will either be directly deposited into people’s bank accounts or come in the mail. Virginians who got a refund by direct deposit on their return this year will likely get their rebate check through direct deposit into the same account.

Not all eligible taxpayers will get a rebate check — or the top amount — if they owe any money to government agencies or institutions.

Youngkin urged Virginians to file their taxes by the Nov. 1 deadline, saying in an Oct. 13 statement that the one-time checks were “an important step going into the holiday season to help Virginians keep more of their hard-earned money for gas, groceries and essentials.”

Virginia Democrats took exception to Youngkin’s press release, calling it “misleading” and accusing the governor of taking credit for their idea hours later.

“Make no mistake. The rebate checks that the Governor is claiming credit for were neither his doing nor his idea; they originated with Democrats in the Senate,” state Sen. Mamie Locke (D-Hampton), the Democratic Caucus chairwoman and a Virginia Senate Finance Committee conferee, said in an Oct. 13 response. “The budget initially passed by House Republicans was a corporate tax scheme that would have disproportionately benefited the ultra-wealthy at the expense of our schools.”

The 2023 state budget deal was delayed for months as negotiations over Youngkin’s tax cut proposals hit a wall, and negotiators went back and forth on the specifics.

An agreement was eventually reached to include the one-time tax rebate checks, but without the corporate tax cuts Youngkin initially pitched.