NORFOLK, Va. (WRIC) — The newest furry three-toed member of the Virginia Zoo received their name on Monday.

“Honey” the sloth, gave birth to her second baby just a few weeks ago. Now, that baby has a name.

For a couple of days, the zoo accepted name suggestions from the public — almost 150 in total — and came up with five options. The finalists? Twigs, Riley, Molasses, Charlie, and Slovey. The zoo then set up apple slices on a tray next to pieces of paper with the names, and let momma Honey choose which was right for her baby.

Honey did not hesitate for a second, and went straight for the apple next to Riley — now the first name of her baby. The zoo announced that the baby’s middle name would be Slovey, after the Slover Library, whose mascot is a sloth.

The zoo said the name submissions raised over $1,500 for the Zoo’s Act for Wildlife fund. Riley is Honey’s second baby.

The only question left — is what game Honey’s mother played to pick her name!