RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Memorial Day weekend is finally here! However, while you may be excited about the early summer holiday, you might not be excited about the non-summer weather.

A coastal system will move into Central Virginia tomorrow afternoon, bringing with it cooler temperatures and, yes, some rain.

The weather will start to turn on Saturday, with temperatures rising into the upper 60s to lower 70s — a high of 70 degrees as of this reporting — and the risk of showers increasing in the afternoon.

The showers will continue off and on throughout Sunday with similar forecasted temperatures in the upper 60s — a high of 67 degrees as of this reporting.

What about Memorial Day? Will the weather improve by then? Unfortunately, it looks like the weather effects of that coastal system will persist with on-and-off rain expected alongside a slight increase in temperatures — a high of 72 degrees was forecasted at the time of this reporting.

Virginia State Police and VDOT are both warning that the rainy weather could contribute to already treacherous driving conditions. In an effort to make the roads safer, VDOT is suspending most highway work zones and lifting most lane closures on Virginia interstates and major roads.