CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — As fall begins, the Virginia Department of Forestry has collected information on the places throughout the commonwealth expected to deliver the most brilliant fall colors this season, and driving routes to see them all.

According to the department, Virginia’s leaves begin to change in Southwest Virginia and the Alleghenies starting in late September, since these areas have the highest elevation in the state. Fall colors spread throughout lower elevations and eastern regions throughout October. Finally, areas near the coast can enjoy their fall red, orange and yellow in early November.

Credit: The Virginia Department of Tourism

The Department also says that areas that receive plenty of rain in summer, sun in fall and cool weather at night often have the brightest leaves. The brightest colors also show up on healthy trees, while unhealthy or diseased trees usually just turn up brown.

You can see maps of fall foliage tours throughout northern, western and central Virginia on the Department of Forestry’s website. These routes are put together through research from the Department of Forestry to guarantee some of the best fall views in the state.

“Virginia’s abundant hardwood forests provide weeks of beautiful foliage viewing this time of year,” Rob Farrell, state forester, said. “The local roads that make up the fall foliage tour were suggested by long-time Forestry staff for consistent, beautiful autumn scenery year after year.”

The Department will be tracking updates on how foliage is changing throughout the season on its website.

You can also get foliage reports, along with plenty of fun things to do in Virginia during fall, on the Virginia Department of Tourism website.