RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Earlier this year, Governor Glenn Youngkin promised Virginia taxpayers a $250 rebate due to increased tax revenue. The promised deadline for those payments was Oct. 31 – so where’s the money?

According to the Department of Taxation, if you filed taxes this year before Sept. 5, you should receive your payment by Oct. 31 — that’s $250 for individual filers and $500 for couples filing jointly.

If you’re eligible for the tax rebate you’ll see a screen like this one when you use the rebate lookup tool.

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for the rebate, you can check using the online rebate lookup tool, which just requires your social security number and zip code.

One thing that may cause a delay in your tax rebate is the method by which it’s delivered. If you had your tax refund earlier this year delivered through direct deposit, then your rebate will be deposited the same way. But if you received your tax refund by check, you may see a delay in your rebate as the check makes its way through the postal system.

The Department of Taxation said in September that they expected the vast majority of the 3.2 million expected rebates to be done by Oct. 10, and for all of the rebates for those who filed their taxes before Sept. 5 to be complete by Nov. 1.

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