RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares sent a letter to Virginia’s congressional delegation Tuesday asking them to preserve funding for the national guard’s anti-drug unit in upcoming budget negotiations. But Virginia’s senators say they’re already proposing an increase for the program.

“With the current budget proposal, Virginia would lose five [Virginia National Guard] Counter Drug Unit analysts,” Miyares wrote in a press release. “This proposed resource cut is a determinant [sic] to both our communities and our law enforcement.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Senator Tim Kaine said congress doesn’t determine how funding for the anti-drug programs is divided between states.

“Every year, Congress directs funding toward the National Guard for Counter-Drug programs through the National Defense Authorization Act,” they wrote. “The National Guard then distributes that funding among states that have counter-drug programs, including Virginia.”

Miyares wrote that any cut to the program would have a huge impact on Virginia’s rural Southwestern communities, where opioid abuse is disproportionately high.

“Cutting funding for units specifically designed to aid law enforcement in their drug investigations and prosecutions would be a step backward,” Miyares wrote.

Both Kaine and Senator Mark Warner support a proposal by senate Democrats to increase funding for the program, part of a nearly $800 billion defense spending proposal that would need to pass both the House and the Senate before going into law.

“Democrats in the Senate have put forward a proposal to provide more than $977 million for the Department of Defense’s counter-drug efforts,” Warner wrote. “Which includes increased funding for the National Guard.”