UPDATE: As of 3:30 p.m., William & Mary has announced that there is no longer a need to shelter in place and campus is clear.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — William & Mary went under a shelter in place order on Saturday, Oct. 22, after campus police received an anonymous threat on social media.

At 2:44 p.m. on Saturday, the Twitter account William & Mary News, which is run by the school’s Office of News and Media, posted that there was an ‘anonymous threat’ to campus and everyone on the campus should seek shelter immediately inside a secure location.

Shortly after, the account tweeted out that this was not a drill and reiterated that everyone on campus should seek shelter.

At 2:53 p.m., the account posted that the William & Mary Police Department had received an anonymous threat on social media, but the threat was not an active shooter threat.

William & Mary Police and Williamsburg Police were currently on the scene and worked to secure the campus, according to William & Mary News.

The college asked students to continue to shelter in place and to let their loved ones know that they are okay.

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