ASHBURN, Va. (WRIC) — The Washington Commanders have spent more than $100 million on land in Virginia, a possible next step to building a new stadium, according to a report from ESPN sources.

A source from the Associated Press also reported that the franchise has bought approximately 200 acres of land but has not yet filed with the county in which the land resides — Prince William County.

The source also said there is a possibility that the Commanders will buy an additional 65 to 70 acres in the same area, right off an Interstate 95 exit in Woodbridge, Virginia. The site is approximately 80 miles from Richmond.

The Commanders may be planning to build a 60,000-seat domed stadium with a practice facility, a 15,000-20,000 seat amphitheater, a small indoor music arena, high-end retail shops, restaurants and residential living, according to ESPN’s source.

Although the franchise owns FedEx Field, the team’s contract to play at the stadium expires in 2026.

ESPN’s source said that the Commanders are keeping options open in Maryland, D.C., and other sites in Virginia as they wait to find out how much money Prince William County and the Commonwealth are willing to commit.

8News previously covered how Virginia’s General Assembly was considering using significant taxpayer resources to convince the team to relocate to Virginia.