(WFLA) — A frisky Florida lizard caused a bit of a stir on CNN Friday and got “stomped out” on live television.

CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip was in West Palm Beach, reporting from outside Mar-a-Lago when the reptile snuck up her leg to say hello. 

Phillip can be seen in a clip squirming and kicking the ground as the rest of the panel discussed the release of the highly-anticipated Mueller report. 

“Hold on, Abby … what was that,” asked host Chris Cuomo

“That was a lizard climbing on me,” Phillip responded.

“Abby, did you just stomp out a lizard on live television?” Cuomo asked. “Is that lizard OK?”

“I don’t think it’s OK,” she said. “But I’m fine.”

“At least it wasn’t an alligator,” Phillip said at the end of the report.


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Phillip is in Florida to cover President Donald Trump, who arrived at his resort Thursday after the Mueller Report was released. While some have praised her for her composure, others are criticizing her handling of the surprise guest.

“It was cute watching @abbydphillip stomp that lizard crawling on her.  RIP li’l anole [lizard],” wrote one Twitter user. 

“Exactly, how lovely to crush an innocent being on live TV and everyone is convulsed in mirth over it. We are so careless about the beings with whom we share the planet,” said another. 

But those worried about the reptile’s well-being can breathe a sigh of relief. 

CNN’s Betsy Klein reported this morning that “the lizard is fine, it slithered off unscathed.”