MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WRIC) — A Midlothian girl’s wish this holiday season is for more kids to have the opportunity to learn other languages.

Isabelle Szczerbinski, a 12-year-old actress, can read, write and even sing in several other languages without an accent, according to her IMBD profile.

“I speak Polish, French, Chinese and English, and I’m starting to learn Russian now,” she explained.

Szczerbinski appears in the new comedy film ‘Permanent,’ which was filmed in Richmond and is now in theaters.

It all started when she was a small child and wanted to talk to a chef at a Chinese restaurant who didn’t speak English.

” I went back to my table, ate the delicious food — it was my first time eating dumplings — and I asked my dad if I could learn Chinese and he said, ‘yes of course,’ so seven years later we’re here,” Szczerbinski said.

She now hopes other children will have a similar chance to learn new languages. She’s even lobbied lawmakers for more funding for foreign languages in public schools.

“I have so many opportunities to learn languages because I’m homeschooled and I noticed that not all kids are homeschooled, neither do they have all these opportunities, so I thought it would better them for the future,” she said.

Szczerbinski has gotten a response from Congressman Dave Brat. It sits next to all of her awards and collections of interesting items from around the world.

“I have an antique pin here and a statue of the Great Wall,” she said, pointing at a few of the pieces.

Recently, Szczerbinski collected books and games for a local elementary school.

“I said me and my friends have a lot of old books that we don’t use so we can donate them,” Szczerbinski added.

And she already has big plans for her future.

“I think I’d prefer to be a diplomat, just because learning languages can help me with that and also just because I have an opportunity to help for world peace because once you understand someone’s language you understand their culture, you get along better, and I think that if we all did something like that there’d be lot more world peace,” she said.

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