RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Zombies will soon stumble into Central Virginia.

Don’t panic. They will be actors filming a spin-off series of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead.

The AMC network announced this week that the filming of the third ‘Walking Dead’ series in the Commonwealth.

“My first reaction was I want to be a zombie extra,” says fan Heidi Abbott.

She is one of the thousands of rabid fans of the post-apocalyptic horror series who are thrilled to see the show shamble into the area.

“When you first watch it you think it’s about zombies and it really has nothing to do with zombies,” explains Abbott. “It has to do with what happens to people when everything is taken away from them.”

Virginia’s diverse backdrop is part of what attracted the network.

“I like to say Virginia is America in miniature,” says Virginia Film Office director Andy Edmunds. “So we have everything you could possibly want. You have beaches. You have mountains. The same reason that tourists like to come to Virginia is the same reason filmmakers like to come here.”

The Virginia Film Office has a long-running relationship with AMC.

A few years ago, the network shot another television series in our area. ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ aired for four seasons before it ended in 2017.

AMC production crews know what to expect when they start filming this summer.

“They love Richmond. They love Virginia and that’s what it really takes is these relationships to really bring the work back,” adds Edmunds.

There is also another local connection to The Walking Dead. 

A Richmond native starred in the series for three years. Actor Chad Coleman portrayed the character Tyreese Williams until 2015.

The spin-off series will begin filming this summer. It will air next year.

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