Reporting closings and delays during severe weather is now easier than ever with 8News. But first, you must register your school, church or business. 

To register your organization, email a request on company letterhead (exception for churches) to If approved, we will send you a user ID and password to access our closings system. We process new registrations during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

Please be sure to include the following information in your letter:

  • Agency name
  • Contact name, number and email
  • Agency address and phone number
  • Agency website (exception for churches)
  • Number of employees or students, if applicable

We include these organizations in our closing system:

  • Public schools
  • Private schools (K-12)
  • Colleges and universities
  • Trade schools (50+ students)
  • Government agencies
  • Licensed, commercial daycares
  • Businesses with 100+ employees
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Churches (for online inclusion only)

We do not include:

  • Doctor and dentist offices
  • Law offices
  • Unlicensed and/or in-home daycares
  • Businesses with fewer than 50 employees
  • Trade schools with fewer than 50 students

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