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The best Samsung Frame TVs

Modern smart TVs don’t just seek to offer something stunning and pleasing on the screen — they want to look great when they’re turned off as well. That’s the idea behind Samsung’s stylish Frame TV, which features detailed resolution when it’s on and the ability to display artwork and photos when it’s off.

The Frame TV is ideal for those who want a high-quality TV that blends into their decor and offers a beautiful photo or artwork when they’re not watching their favorite movie or series. The versatility and beauty, however, come at a price. Depending on your lifestyle and interest, the Samsung Frame TV may be worth adding to your home.

What is a Frame TV?

A Samsung Frame TV is a smart TV that allows access to streaming services and apps like other smart TVs. The key difference between the Frame TV and a conventional Samsung TV (or any smart TV) is Art Mode. This can be activated with one button on the remote: instead of turning on the TV to watch your favorite content, it turns the TV into a static display for artwork. 

Frame TVs offer an ever-growing library of art to display, with over 1,400 options available as of this writing. It includes both modern and classic work, with an option to enlist in a subscription service to gain access to more visuals. 

Art Mode also allows users to submit and display their own photographs. With 16 GB of storage, you can upload pictures to the TV and add colors or backgrounds to the photos as you desire.


The Frame TV features a Quantum dot LED, or QLED, display. Samsung’s quantum dot technology boasts an innovative color filter in between the screen and the LED backlighting, allowing for brighter, fuller and more vibrant colors on the screen.

It also features 4K, or Ultra High Definition, resolution. With 33 million pixels, 4K resolution offers four times as many pixels as Full High Definition TVs. This resolution is standard among new films and premium TV shows; 4K TVs provide a more realistic, detailed and faithful recreation of the original vision of the content in your home. 

The display includes High Dynamic Range, or HDR, that enhances the brightness or colors and increases contrast, particularly among deep blacks.


SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Frame Series

The 2021 version of the Samsung Frame TV is available in five different sizes: 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. Keep in mind that size is measured from one diagonal to the other. So when you’re determining placement of the Frame TV, you’ll need to look up the specific length and width as well.

The Samsung Frame TV 55 inch and the Samsung Frame TV 65 inch are suitable for most living rooms. If you have a larger space where viewers are sitting 8 to 10 feet away from the screen, you’ll want to opt for the biggest option — the Samsung Frame TV 75 inch. For smaller spaces, including bedrooms, you’ll want to seek out the smaller model.

SAMSUNG 32-inch Class FRAME QLED LS03 Series

Samsung is still selling their 2020 models of the Frame, which includes a 32-inch smart TV for smaller spaces as well.

Unique features of the Samsung Frame TV


The distance between the screen and the edge of a TV, monitor or smartphone is known as a bezel. While most devices showcase thin bezels to better support a seamless, immersive viewing experience, the Frame goes the other way. The bezels in the Frame TV are designed to act as a frame for a photo or a work of art, leading to a thicker and more elegantly designed bezel.

SAMSUNG 75-inch Class The Frame Customizable Bezel

Samsung offers Frame TV bezels in two different styles and up to five different colors. The modern design features a flat edge all the way around that’s more contemporary in style. You can also opt for the beveled design that features a 45-degree angle that complements more traditional decor. Available colors include white, black, brown, teal and brick.

Frames are interchangeable as the bezels are magnetic, so you can go for a different look depending on the season or changing preferences.


The Frame TV features sensors to accommodate Art Mode in various situations. A brightness sensor adjusts the lighting so that the quality of the art or photo isn’t adversely affected by changing external conditions. A motion sensor will turn Art Mode off or back on depending on the activity around it.


Samsung 65-inch 4K QLED Frame TV with Alexa Built-in

Samsung offers the Studio Stand as a way to set up your Frame TV. It resembles an easel to further embrace the art aesthetic of the TV. The stand features three slender legs that are well-made to allow easy movement and safe setup around your home. The stand is often offered in a bundle with your Frame TV of choice.

SAMSUNG 43-inch Class FRAME QLED LS03 Series

Another option offered is My Shelf, a customizable shelf that holds the Frame TV and includes additional shelves to allow you to display other items alongside it. What’s more, the 43-inch 2020 Frame TV can change its orientation from the traditional landscape to the portrait to accommodate certain photos and artworks.

15m One Invisible Connection™ Cable for QLED 4K & 8K TVs

You’ll want to keep in mind clutter as well. While the Frame TV features an array of HDMI ports, cables may be unsightly. Samsung recommends investing in their 50-foot One Invisible Connection, which offers a sleek and simple point of access for your TV for compatible devices.


The smallest 2021 Frame TV costs around $1,000, while the largest model runs about $3,000. Additional frames cost around $200.

Is a Samsung Frame TV really worth it?

The value of a Samsung Frame TV depends on what and how much you watch, your interest in aesthetics and your budget. The 4K HDR QLED screen and fast motion rate allow for viewers to enjoy live sports, blockbuster films and even video games without blurring or lag. However, it’s not optimized for the newest video games.

SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series

Additionally, it comes at a higher price than comparable QLED TVs because of the added aesthetic; to maintain that desired look, you’ll also have to consider how and which devices you will be connecting to the TV. 

The Frame TV is worth it for those who want versatility and beauty in a high-quality, vibrant smart TV.

What you need to buy for a Samsung Picture Frame TV

Samsung 4.0 Channel Soundbar

Samsung 4.0 Channel Soundbar

As the focus of the Frame TV is on the display, the sound quality can use some enhancement. We recommend investing in a Samsung soundbar like this sleek, four-channel model to create a more immersive audio experience.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Deco TV Frames Ornate Gold Frame

Deco TV Frames Ornate Gold Frame

While Samsung has a few options in terms of frames, other companies like Deco TV Frames have offered a wide range of compatible options, including this ornate gold border. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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